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Drupal Anywhere Turbo Theming

Slides and Class Notes from 10/13 - 10/14 Drupal Theming Class.

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By the end of Day One you should be able to:
- Download, install and enable a contributed theme
- Build a custom subtheme
- Create a custom region
- Create an imagecache preset
- Add a Superfish Menu
- Create a .tpl for a specific content type
- Create a custom Skinr style

By the end of Day Two you should be able to:
- Create a Basic View
- Create a custom view template
- Add JQuery/Javascript to your site.
- Manipulate variables with preprocess functions
- Control HTML output with theme hooks
- Add a third-party font to your page

Other References:
Views Demystified 1
Views Demystified 2
Mastering CSS from Smashing Magazine/a>
Font Stack Builder

More Must-Have Modules:
context, pathauto, webform, adminrole, features, backup_migrate